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Custom Development
Custom Applications
A wide range of custom Linux and Windows application development options are available using C/C++, Python, Delphi/Pascal, Adobe Flex, ActiveX and DCOM.

An extensive library of proven drivers, code libraries and graphic tools are employed to speed development and lower production costs.

  • Front-end packages
  • Dedicated process control workstations
  • OPC servers and clients
to discuss your custom application projects.
Hardware and Embedded Systems Hardware and Embedded Systems
Everything from simple I/O devices to complete operating systems can be developed on a variety of existing, commercially available platforms or your custom hardware. We have experience with ARM9, ARM7, 80x86, PIC, Rabbit, Z80, 80xx, 65xx, 68xxx and several other processors.
  • Bridges and gateways to your proprietary system
  • Web server interfaces to proprietary systems
  • BACnet or Modbus enable your existing hardware
  • Stand-alone, special-purpose devices
to discuss your embedded systems projects.
Controller Programming / UI Design Controller Programming and User Interface Design
Let us help you develop your next front-end system. We feature custom interface development for all of our products.
  • Custom Front-End Setup
  • Control Programming
  • Graphic Screen Design
  • Script Development
  • Customer Training
to discuss custom interface development or customer training.
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