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Important Note: As of V1.8, Catalyst Pro has moved exclusively to a USB Flash Drive distribution. CD's are no longer shipped as everything needed is on the USB Flash Drive. Updates to the older USB key and license code version are still available below.

The USB Flash Drive has free space that can be used to transfer files to a client or to store backup copies of graphics or setup files, as well as controller dump files.

An introduction to the new BACnet features is available here.

If you overwrite your older version with the USB Flash Drive version, you will be back in evaluation mode for 30 days. Your older version can be upgraded to the key version for a nominal charge. Please contact your dealer for information before overwriting your older version or you may not be able to upgrade.

Catalyst Pro v1.80 Full Install
Trial Version/Full Install - This is the USB Flash Drive version of 1.80. It installs to your hard drive. You do not need a USB Flash Drive for evaluation mode. If you do not have a USB Flash Drive plugged in, it will initiate a 30-day evaluation mode. If you have an expired trial version already installed, please email for an evaluation reset code.

If you decide to purchase Catalyst Pro, you will be shipped the full version on a USB Flash Drive. All you will need to do is plug it in and the evaluation copy will become a full version.

Download Catalyst Pro v1.80    

The default username is "Master" and the default password is also "Master".

Note: There is a quick-start tutorial included in the help file. Select "Help" from the Help menu to read it. It will walk you through setting up a Site and creating a simple graphic display. If you do not have access to an Andover Continuum/Infinity or AC256/AC8, select "Offline Edit" from the Site|More menu instead of "Connect". This will simulate a connection to a panel.

Catalyst Pro v1.80 USB/Printer Port Key Version
USB/Printer Port Key Version Update - This file will upgrade your existing USB Key (the green key) or printer port key version to 1.80.

Evaluation mode is no longer supported with this version. New installations should use the USB Flash Drive version above.

Download Catalyst Pro v1.80 USB/Printer Port Key Update

Catalyst Pro v1.80 License Code Version
License Code Version Update - This file will upgrade your existing license code version to 1.80.

Evaluation mode is no longer supported with this version. New installations should use the USB Flash Drive version above.

Download Catalyst Pro v1.80 License Code Update

Catalyst Pro ActiveX Controls
ActiveX controls required to use the web-enabled meters, gauges, etc. when using the Catalyst Pro Web Host.

These controls need to be installed on the remote computer that is using Internet Explorer, not necessarily on the computer running Catalyst Pro.

Download Catalyst Pro ActiveX Controls

Catalyst Telnet Terminal ActiveX Component
ActiveX component required to access VT-220 terminal mode when using the Catalyst Pro Web Host.

Download Telnet Terminal

Catalyst Pro Manual
The complete Catalyst Pro manual in .PDF format.

Download Catalyst Pro Manual

Catalyst Pro Data Sheet
A data sheet containing a list of features and system requirements in .PDF format.

Download Catalyst Pro Data Sheet

Utilities and Script Examples
Below are some utility files and Catalyst Pro forms that demonstrate various script commands or functions. Forms should generally be copied in to a sites 'Displays' or 'Forms' folder. You must then reconnect to the site for it to show up in the forms database. Alternately, they can be copied to the \Catalyst\Forms folder and a button added to the toolbar that runs it.

These files are for demonstration/informational purposes only. Since some of these files were donated by dealers and end users, we cannot guarantee their operation or usability.

All files have been checked for malicious code and viruses.

Note: Some of these examples will automatically run script code when you open them, sometimes making it difficult to enter edit mode. To keep the script code from executing hold down the "Ctrl" key while opening the form.

Text Files/Code Snippets

DelphiScript - A text file listing the differences between DelphiScript and Delphi 5.
SetInfinityTime - (Andover Only) DelphiScript example of setting the time on an Infinity panel with a script command.

Visual Basic Scripting Examples

AutoReport - (Andover only) Connects to multiple sites and prints out reports from each. The script code needs to be edited to add the sites and report commands specific to each site.
PointAccess - Demonstrates reading and writing points via script commands.
VarEditAsObject - (Advanced) Demonstrates using a custom object inspector for setting options.
Recipe - Allows the user to select a "recipe" that modifies a list of points to a set of values. Recipes are stored as text files. A form similar to this was used in a drink manufacturers plant to change the ingredient list.
LogPointChanges - Logs changes to a single point in a text file.
Write Log - Another type of point logger.

DelphiScript Examples

MulitBackup - (Andover only) Allows the user to enter a list of panels and drums/objects to backup then performs the backups automatically.
MultiBackupFixed - (Andover only) Automatically performs multiple backups on a hard-set list of domains/panels. The script code must be edited to set the list of panels to backup.
TermDump - Demonstrates capturing the terminal screen in a script so the lines can be scraped for text strings and values.
Breakout - Written on a lazy Saturday afternoon just to see if it could be done, this game demonstrates...nothing useful, really, and it uses some techniques for speed that are generally not recommended. Requires a decent video card. If it runs slowly, try shutting down other programs. If you get caught playing it, you didn't get it from us.
File Request - (LonWorks) Demonstrates reading file data from LonWorks devices.
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